A guitar is primarily a wooden instrument, and I try to emphasise the beauty of the wood by combining exacting build standards with simplicity of design. Although construction follows mostly traditional lines, the body designs are my own – I do not make copies of standard models (eg OM, OO etc).

I have also been a research engineer for 30 years, and this influences my design choices and work methods. Top bracing, body shapes etc are determined by a combination of engineering and artistic processes, and my engineering background comes to the fore when designing jigs and fixtures to streamline the build process.

My goal is to produce guitars of beauty and simplicity, with a balanced sound appropriate for all playing techniques.

I currently offer 3 steel-string acoustic models, and 1 nylon-string crossover model. My guitars are named after landmarks in  my home region of County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Full specifications and information on the names are given on the individual pages linked below.